Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Owls 6pm Sat 9th Oct @ Chapter

Actress Lisa Gornick (Do I Love You?) will be in attendance to introduce the film's UK Premiere at this event!

Fresh from Berlin and its successful tour of queer U.S. film festivals, we are delighted to present the U.K premiere of Cheryl Dunye's new provocative hybrid thriller/documentary about a group of forty-something lesbian pioneers.

Iris (Guinevere Turner) and Lily (Lisa Gornick) used to star in an all-girl rock-band. Partying like there's no tomorrow, Iris still has the looks but the drinking is starting to take its toll. MJ, Iris's butch ex-lover, has isolated herself in their poolside home not far from their friends Lily and Carol (Dunye) who are clinging to the dream of motherhood at the expense of their relationship. When a tall muscular stranger, Skye, arrives one night looking for absent friends, it's soon clear that the past cannot be buried and the group dynamics will change irrevocably. - Carol Coombes

Sponsored by: Pink Sofa and Lavender Screen

Director: Cheryl Dunye
Country of Origin: USA
Duration: 66 mins


or by phone: 029 20304400

£5.50 (concessions are available)

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