Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Owls 6pm Sat 9th Oct @ Chapter

Actress Lisa Gornick (Do I Love You?) will be in attendance to introduce the film's UK Premiere at this event!

Fresh from Berlin and its successful tour of queer U.S. film festivals, we are delighted to present the U.K premiere of Cheryl Dunye's new provocative hybrid thriller/documentary about a group of forty-something lesbian pioneers.

Iris (Guinevere Turner) and Lily (Lisa Gornick) used to star in an all-girl rock-band. Partying like there's no tomorrow, Iris still has the looks but the drinking is starting to take its toll. MJ, Iris's butch ex-lover, has isolated herself in their poolside home not far from their friends Lily and Carol (Dunye) who are clinging to the dream of motherhood at the expense of their relationship. When a tall muscular stranger, Skye, arrives one night looking for absent friends, it's soon clear that the past cannot be buried and the group dynamics will change irrevocably. - Carol Coombes

Sponsored by: Pink Sofa and Lavender Screen

Director: Cheryl Dunye
Country of Origin: USA
Duration: 66 mins


or by phone: 029 20304400

£5.50 (concessions are available)

MY FRIEND FROM FARO - Feature Film - Sat 9th Oct 2pm

Iris Prize Festival 2010 Lesbian Feature Film @ Chapter:

Nana Neul's blistering directorial debut has drawn comparisons with 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Unveiled'. An assured, mature piece of work that draws heartfelt performances from its leads, Neul's future work will be worth watching out for. Eternal daydreamer Mel can't wait to quit her catering job and fly to her dream destination: Portugal. Things change when the beautiful Jenny literally crashes into her life when Mel nearly runs her over in her classic BMW. It is love at first sight, however there is just one problem: Jenny mistakenly assumes Mel to be a boy. Despite this, the pair become boyfriend and girlfriend. With Mel attempting to disguise her true gender at every turn, her journey from tomboy to out lesbian is fraught with life-defining dilemmas and sweet surprises.

Sponsored by: Pink Sofa and Lavender Screen

(UK Premiere)

Director: Nana Neul
Country of Origin: Germany

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or Tel: 029 2030 4400

£5.50 (concessions available)

Lesbian Short film showings - Iris Prize

Iris Prize Festival 2010
Lesbian Short film entries

Thursday 8 October - Day 2

Shorts Programme 2
@ Cineworld
4.00pm, 92min

Duration: 8 Mins
"You've always wanted a dildo, but it's just been out of reach...until now!" Julie Goldman hawks used dildos in the world's most outrageous infomercial. Lesbian sexuality at its silliest.
Director: Kate Brandt
Country of Origin: USA
Category: Shorts
Date of Film: 2009

Friday 9 October – Day 5

Shorts Programme 5
@ Cineworld
4.00pm, 97min

Duration: 15 Mins
Mosa explores a young woman's internal struggle after being victim of a "corrective rape" - a common practice in South Africa, lesbian women are constantly raped with the idea that once they are raped, they will be cured from homosexuality. Now in London, Mosa takes advantage of new opportunities to start a new life, but after feeling objectified once again, she breaks through and finally decides to live in her own terms.

Shorts Programme 6
@ Cineworld

Duration: 9 Mins
A young woman recently dumped by her girlfriend gets extra special attention when her tech support call is answered by a lonely romantic in this sexy comedic short.
Director: Erik Gernand
Country of Origin: USA
Category: Shorts
Date of Film: 2009

Duration: 13 Mins
When teens Jen and Carmen lock eyes, they hesitate, not quite sure of their own evolving bodies and minds. Only if they navigate the crass minefield of high school can they move their attraction from their individual bedrooms to the outside world, one still not quite ready for their relationship.
Director: Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Country of Origin: USA
Category: Shorts
Date of Film: 2009

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Access to all the screenings, talks, receptions and parties. Available at £35.00 each.

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Iris Prize discussions/ events

Iris Prize Festival 2010
Introductions / lectures / discussions / award ceremony/ events

Wednesday 6 October – Day 1

Sponsored by Bafta Cymru

This panel session will focus on women working within film and television and will examine if they have the same opportunities of their male counterparts within the sector, if they bring a different perspective and sensibility to their craft than men do, and the experience of the panellists of working within an industry which took 82 years to award one of its highest honours to a woman. The panellists will include the respected actress Sue Jones Davies, Iris Prize Patron Carol Coombes, Briony Hanson from the Script Factory and the 2007 Iris Prize Best UK Short winner, Abbe Robinson.
Buy Tickets: 029 2030 4400

Friday 8 October - Day 2

Time: 20.30
@St David's Dewi Sant

Iris is proud to host the world premiere of the highly anticipated series of portraits of successful gay and lesbian professionals working in the film industry, by acclaimed photographer Donald MacLellan, in partnership with the UK Film Council.

Join the visiting film makers, the international jury, funders and the Friends of Iris for this exclusive VIP launch event at the fabulous St David's Dewi Sant, Cardiff. The exhibition will be open to the public for six weeks following the launch event.

The sitters include: Graham Broadbent, Simon Callow, Cameron McCracken, Terence Davies, Cinders Forshaw, Stephen Fry, Mark Gatiss, Christian Hodell, Phyllida Lloyd, Sean Mathias, Sir Ian McKellen, Chris New, Ian Iqbal Rashid, Berwyn Rowlands, Sir Antony Sher, Heather Peace, Duncan Kenworthy, Pratibha Parmar and Sophie Ward.
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Hell's Bent
@Cardiff Arts Institute
Join the bears and all their bear friends at the official Iris Prize after party for BearCity. Hells Bent is a popular Cardiff institution and offers alternative music for alternative gays!

Saturday 9 October – Day 4

@ Chapter 1
The session will address the representation of gay characters by filmmakers and broadcasters who are themselves a minority. The experience in Wales and Spain will come under the microscope as our distinguished panel including freelance editor and reviewer Philip Wyn Jones, Ryan Prout from Cardiff University and actor and director Arwel Griffiths start a conversation which we hope will be relevant to all minorities.
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Iris Prize Awards Show
@ Cineworld
GOLD TICKETS ONLY (available up until 24th September) in person from Chapter Box Office and IRIS FRIENDS ONLY are invited to this event.

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