Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Fish Child Tues 24th Aug @ Chapter


A suspenseful lesbian crime thriller from the prize-winning director of XXY, Lucia Puenzo.

Frail, refined Lala is the daughter of a prominent judge who lives in an exclusive neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Unbeknown to her family, she is having an illicit liaison with Ailin, their voluptuous Guaraní maid from Paraguay. Together they steal money from Lala's unscrupulous father so they can escape to the lush Lake Ypoá, where Ailin spent her childhood. However, when Lala's father is murdered and Ailin is taken into custody, Lala must unravel her lover's dark past if they are to be reunited. From the award-winning director of XXY, The Fish Child is a pulsating crime thriller that dramatizes the complex social inequities of South America. Its elliptical narrative is packed with suspenseful plot twists, each one shifting the balance of power, to illuminate another layer of corruption. Gritty and erotically charged, the film boasts winning performances by the two leads, Inés Efron and sexy newcomer Mariela Vitale. KS -

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